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Searching for alpha and building investing tools

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S&P 500 Dip

We are looking out for the next S&P 500 dip. Because we love investing at low prices. Do not miss it!

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The Benchmark

Every investment should be compared to the broader market. Do you know what your alpha is?

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Option Trades

We consistently trade options for income and cost basis reduction. Volatility is our friend.

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Swing Trades

Every now and then we swing trade US stocks, check out the performance to date.

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QQQ ETF Tracker

Reporting on the Invesco QQQ ETF (NASDAQ 100).

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Government Pension Fund Global

We dive into annual reports and analyze one of the largest pension funds in the world.

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Singapore REIT Fund

We set up and track a fund of Singaporean REITs

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Picking a single company is risky business. But we love Tesla so we decided to invest through multiple asset classes.

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